My name is Kalen Foley. I am a professional photographer & media creator, now based out of Ocean, NJ. I got my start thanks to a Canon Point&Shoot, my Mommom bought for me when I was 17. I really thought little of photography at the time, but once I started traveling the world for bodyboarding, I got into it more and decided to buy my first dslr in 2006. From there I start photographing more surfing and also started to get into Fashion Photography. In 2007, I literally dropped out of Nursing school, and started my photography business. In 2007 I was asked to shoot my first wedding, which would actually be the very first wedding I had ever attended. Crazy gamble by that couple, but 4 years later I am averaging over 45 weddings a year and fully motivated in delivering the most captivating images I can come up with. I push myself every time I am behind the camera to do things that are outside the box. I am constantly working to improve and learn my craft. I have no formal training or schooling in photography, but I have learned more through experience then can be taught by any professor or any classroom. 

    I am inspired by my travels, my friends, and by life itself. I have been fortunate enough to travel to some truly amazing places the past 4 years. Whether it be standing in downtown San Diego or on the edge of a Cliffside on the most southern tip of New Zealand. The different cultures, the different people that I have seen and met along the way have helped shape and cultivate the way that I see and perceive this world. This has helped me in the work that I create. 

    For those who have given me the opportunity and have supported me along this ongoing journey I honestly will never be able to thank you enough. 

Just a little insight into who I am and what I am about.